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Reference: Miller. M. (2009, Jun 17).Earn an Accounting Designation. Retrieved on Sept 29, 2009 from:

In this article the author discusses three different organizations which they offer many benefits for the accounting as a career and for the accountant as worker. These organizations offer a designation which can gives more qualification for the accountant. First one is CGA (Certified General Accountants Association of Canada) which established on 1908, and it is worldwide. This organization offer many things such as education and certification. It has many programs which help students to participate online in order to earn a professional CGA designation. The other organization is CMA national which is specific in management accounting. In order to get CMA you must have a university degree, pass entrance exam and other conditions. The last one is CICA (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants) which helps students to choose specialization in many business filed .Finally, the author talks about online learning and how can that make accountant designation more easy.

First of all, I would like to thank the author for this article, because it is very important to all readers who care about accounting. So, I am very happy to read about this because it will help me to get a lot of information about different organization in accounting filed. Those organization can make accounting better by certified many accountant.
In my country Saudi Arabia we have one organization which is authorized to make all roles in this field. It called SOCPA (Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants) which offers many things such as scholarship, certification and education. In order to get SOCPA you must take entrance exam which contain five subjects in finance accounting, auditing, business law, tax and Islamic role in business. I have taken this exam before I came to the USA and I passed it. From my experience student who are going to work in Saudi Arabia should be certification from SOCPA. My next step to get CPA from American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to be more qualified when I go back to my country.


Reference: Sidd, U. (2009, Sep 30th). Making the most of your training. Retrieved Oct 4, 2009, from


Sidd’s (2009) article discusses how you can get a CPA license, which is provide by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). In order to be a CPA you must have a four-year degree in accounting and finish with CPA classes. CPA considers as an important license for accountants especially who work inside the USA. It is an important for that who works outside the USA as will. There are many places you can get CPA tringing and there are many ways such as seminars, lab classes and online classes and every one should choose what he needs. Finally, the author discusses the exam which is taken in two days and contains four parts.


First of all I would like to thank the author about all information that he gives in this article. This article gives me a lot about the CPA exam. As an accountant I want to improve my skills and I wish I can pass this exam. CPA license has value in many countries because it measures your ability in many specific fields in accounting and auditing as well. In my country, Saudi Arabia, a few accountants have this license and that means wherever you are, when you get a CPA you will be special. My plan after I finish my master is to work to get this license.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Reference: Accounting Career Feature. (2009,August 5). Employment Crossing. Retrieved on Sept, 18, 2009 from:


In this article the author discusses what you need before you start a career as an accountant. First, he gives the first myth about accounting jobs which is the experience and education qualifications that you need in your job and which job needs those and which job not. Then, he talks about how math is important for accountants and how much they need it in their jobs. Finally, he decides how much accounting jobs are growing and the opportunities in this field.


First of all, I am satisfied with the author because he gives me a lot of information about many things that are not true or are myths in my career. I agree with the author about what he says about the future in accounting jobs. Accounting jobs are growing day after day all over the world, because businesses are depending an accounting to organiza the companies. More than that, many countries have established professional organizations to take care of accounting as a career and that thing can make the accounting role more clear. So, people will have a clear image before they start their jobs as an accountant. In my countries saudi arabia we have Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) which is the only organization that authorized to deal with accounting principles, and it makes all roles for the accounting.

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Reference: Salierno, D. (April, 2009). In times of adversity. Find Retrieved Sept 8, 2009, from:;col1

In this article the author discusses how the fainancial crisis effected on the internal audit profession. First, the autheor gives an intraducation about the finance crises and how that can effect on banks and manfactures. After that , he talks about internal auditing and he Confirms that the internal auditing is not an excpation. Also, he gives us an example from survy that made by Neil Baker which suggests that the buddget in many audit shop will increase. This survy include important information contain many audit shops will increase. In the end he ask the other wirtier how are interested in this subject to write an artcle in this topic .

My major is accounting and I have little auditing experience, so I was very interested in reading about this article. First of all, I would like to thank the author for this article, because it is very important to all readers who care about auditing. So, I am very happy to read about this because it will help me in the future espically that comparsion between my carrer and what is happing in the financial wrld now. The author desscuses the effect of financial crisis on an auditing shops and I agree with the author because this is what is happing now in my country . a lot of auiditing shops can't get asmuch as thay could get in the past before this problem . I think that happened because the audit shop has a strong realtion with banks and as we know the banks are the hardest hit from this crisis.

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  • Reference: Accounting Career Feature (07-31-2009). Employment Grossing
Retrieved on Aug 30 , 2009 from : Might-Prefer-Working-as-Internal-Auditors/

  • Summary:
    In this article the author discusses the difference between internal and external auditing jobs. First, the author gives the meaning for internal auditing and what the internal auditor should be. Then, the author explains what an internal auditor should do with the account system. Also, the author explains what both internal and external auditors need in their job. In the end of this article the author gives us many benefits for internal jobs which the author likes from his point of view.

  • Reaction:
    First of all, I would like to thank the author for this article, because it is very important to all readers who care about auditing. So, I am very happy to read about this because it will help me in the future.
    I agree with the author about the benefits that he tells us about in this article but I prefer as a accountant external jobs for these two reasons. One reason is the independence, which the internal auditor cannot get enough ,but the external can get a lot because of the professional role. The other reason is the salary as the external auditor can get a higher one than the internal especilly in my country.